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Cuff with Snake relief Sterling Silver

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Bracelet with snake in relief reproduction in Silver 925. Reproduction of a snake-body bracelet found in Pompeii .

Type of bracelet very popular in the era Roman  for its apotropaic and religious value, being linked to gods who protect health. Women used to wear bracelets often in pairs on both the wrists and forearms.

In Roman religion, the snake-shaped genius (lat. Genius) was the benevolent guardian spirit of the fate of families but also of individuals. In Pompeii the snake represented fertility and sexuality. Snake-body rings, linked to gods protecting health, were very common in the epoch Roman.   

Objects inspired by ancient jewelry.

  • Material: Silver 925 / Silver 925 gold plated
  • Weight: about 11g
  • Size: 5.5 x 4.5 x 0.5cm
  • Size: adjustable
  • Color: Silver / Golden

Produced in Italy

" Splendors. Luxury in ornaments in Herculaneum ", edited by Francesco Sirano.

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