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Cupid and Psyche Marble Statue 5,5"H (14cm)

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Reproduction in Carrara marble of Love and Psyche. There famous statue of Canova, Italian artist of neoclassicism, Built in 1781 - 1793, is kept in the Museo del Louvre, Paris.

Psyche, a beautiful girl who cannot find a husband, becomes the attraction of all the neighboring peoples who offer her sacrifices and call her Venus (or Aphrodite). The divinity, knowing the existence of Psyche, jealous for the usurpable name, sends his son Cupid (or Eros, love) to make her fall in love with the ugliest and most miserly man on Earth and be covered by the shame of this relationship, but the god misses his sights and the arrow of love hits his foot instead and he falls madly in love with the girl.

In this beautiful sculpture the god Love (Cupid) kisses the mortal Psyche in one of the greatest stories of love and passion, told by the Latin writer Apuleius.

A perfect love gift for someone special.

  • Material: recomposed Carrara marble
  • Black marble base
  • Dimensions: Height 14 cm x Width. 15,5 cm x Depth 8 cm
  • Weight: 0.7 Kg
  • Produced in Italy

Esposto a: Parigi, Museo del Louvre
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